Handwoven Wool Tallit Made in Jerusalem, Israel

Shizre Kodesh produces a unique range of handwoven wool tallit designs. Each custom wool tallit is hand-woven in pure wool on traditional looms from our studio in Jerusalem, Israel. Our custom tallit designs range from traditional to modern. Also available are other handwoven wool products such as chuppot (wedding canopies), parochot (Torah ark curtains) and Torah mantles.

  • Woven in 100% Pure Wool
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Variety of Colors & Styles
  • Designs for Everyone
  • Matching Bags Available

Single Weave Tallit Sets

Our Single Weave Tallit has lighter colors compared to our Double Weave Tallit. Tallit colors range from light blacks and blues to more modern vibrant colors.

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Double Weave Tallit Sets

Our Double Weave Tallit has a very high weave density, which creates strong and bold colors. A double weave tallit takes much longer to make and it's cost is higher.

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Textured Tallit Sets

A pure off-white hand-spun tallit is the height of elegance. Bands of color may also be added to create a distintive tallit. Matching tallit bags & kippot are available.

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Our Chuppah designs are created by hand painting silk appliqued on to a variety of materials including velvet, raw silk and brushed cotton.

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Dedicate or honor your community with a new Ark curtain (Parochet) available in a range of colors and in white for the high holydays.

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Torah Mantles

Hand woven Torah Mantles offer a wide range of colors and modern artistic interpretations of traditional themes. The durable tapestry weave is particularly suited for a heavily-used sanctuary item.

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Each tallit we design comes with a matching kippah. Our kippot are of the highest quality - handwoven with the same wool as the tallit.

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Tallit Bags

Each tallit we design is available with a matching tallit bag. Our tallit bags are of the highest quality - handwoven with the same wool as the tallit.

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Weavers for Three Generations

Jerusalem Tallit was established in 1985 by master weaver Carine Kleiman in the Arts & Crafts Lane, Khutzot Hayozer, Jerusalem, as part of her father, Georges Goldstein’s tapestry studio. From an early age, Carine was surrounded by an atmosphere of Art, Design and weaving and completed her apprenticeship as a Tapestry weaver.


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Khutzot Hayotzer #27
Jerusalem, Israel

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P.O.Box 4590
Jerusalem 9104402 Israel


Studio: 972-2-6289459
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